Sheridan Orr

Contact Information

Sheridan Orr is the Managing Partner of The Interrobang! Agency a customer experience consulting firm.  Having held positions ranging from product portfolio manager to industry consultant to Chief Marketing Officer, Sheridan brings a vast range of marketing and brand expertise in the retail arena.

As the managing partner of The Interrobang Agency, she used design thinking as a methodology to help retailers craft differentiated and engaging customer experiences.  She’s worked with major brands as well as tier one retailers including Macy’s, Nike, Walmart, Enterprise, Costco and T-Mobile.

She is a featured blogger and writer for top retail sites including,, Social Media Today, TheCustomer Collective, Customer Loyalty and  Her blog, also the title of her forthcoming book, Buzz, Pop, Fizz: Creating Customer Experiences that Sizzle has been syndicated around the world.  She is also a featured speaker at industry trade shows including Micros Retail Connect and Customer Engagement Technology World.

Prior to founding The Interrobang Agency, Ms. Orr was the Chief Marketing Officer for Mzero.  She led the company’s brand, digital and marketing strategies as well as established a consulting methodology to help retailers create a customer self-service strategy.  In this role, she worked with strategic partners like HP, Intel, Microsoft and Zebra as well as top retailers.  Prior to joining Mzero, she worked for Red Hat and Cisco Systems.

Sheridan Orr leads The Interrobang! Agency, a customer experience consulting firm.

She can be reached at


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